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Top 15 Tips for Bride and Groom...

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

1. Expect the unexpected as much as possible. Weddings are complicated events and there is plenty of scope for things to go wrong. If they do, it’s best to roll with the punches and don’t sweat it. The day should be all about you as bride and groom and not small things that don’t work out.

2. Make some time buffers. Most things tend to run over a little so expect some delays. So make sure there is a little wiggle room on a few things like the flowers being late or the bride being late to the ceremony or an animated best man who’s speech runs over.

3. Make a group shot list a couple of weeks before the wedding. Photographing group shots can take a little while. It’s not taking the photo that takes time it is gathering everyone together. I have been at plenty of weddings where the group is assembled but we are missing a guest because they are feeding the baby or in the loo or checking into their room. So it’s best to get a list together of who you wanted photographed and then pass that list on to the Best Man and Ushers to help rally the troops together. This enables the whole process to flow and for you to get back to your champagne and canapés with your guests!

4. When walking down the aisle please look up and try not to look down at the ground. It’s an emotional time for a bride but if you are looking down all of your photos will have you looking at your feet and not the groom. So walk slowly and look up and tell the bridesmaids to do the same.

5. If you are having the bride getting ready preparations photographed and you have the budget, pick a large room. It will allow me to shoot from different angles and it will not look cluttered. It’s difficult to make a small room look beautiful when its strewn with room service, dresses, shoes, make up, bags etc. If you have to have a small room try and have a pick up and clean before I arrive.

6. Grooms you need to learn how to tie/bow tie before the big day.

7. Grooms again, you need to learn how to pin a buttonhole.

8. Also how to fold a pocket square.

9. Brides when you are getting ready with the girls its good to wear matching dressing gowns. Different pyjamas and jogging bottoms are not so photogenic.

10. Make sure the rings, shoes; flowers are all unpacked and ready to be photographed.

11. For the first kiss, again take it slow, 3 seconds for me to get that beautiful shot.

12. Get the vicar/priest/official to notify me of any rules they may have during the ceremony. I will introduce myself when I arrive at the wedding venue but they are often busy to have a chat. So it’s best if they can email me or call me with any restrictions they may have. That way I can be fully prepared on the day.

13. An engagement shoot is well worth the extra expense. Not only will it give you some wonderful images for you to cherish but it will also get you used to a camera being pointed at you along with taking directions from a photographer.

14. Make a binder for your wedding. You can use it for your contacts, contracts, photographer, videographer, florist, baker etc.

15. Above all enjoy your day! Savour each moment as the day is over in a flash.

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