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Reportage Wedding Photography The Low Down

Updated: Feb 16, 2020

From the moment someone says "I do" from that point on hours are spent carefully crafted on how the day is going to run. Couples will decide every detail to create the wedding they want. A huge in investment of time and money will be spent agonising over the smallest detail. For that reason that wedding photographer must strive to capture the day with perfect timing and pin sharp clarity. However, one does not want only to remember how things looked and where; wedding photography should also enable you to relive your day through those moments large and small which were photographed for you to relive and to feel those emotions over and over again. The wedding photography style you choose should capture all the details timelessly. You want to have framed photographs for your walls, but you also want someone to have noticed the flower girl sneaking a peak at the photographer over a chair.

JK Weddings photographs your day in a creative reportage manner. It is advised to meet up before the big day so I can get to know you a little and find out more about what yoiu had in mind for your wedding. I can then identify the moments that are important to you. It also helps me to understand what part of your day of will evoke emotion, and especially, what memories are worth capturing. A photojournalistic style of photography captures even the small moments that sometimes happen in between the major events of the day.

Creative Reportage means :

· Capturing images from a creative angle

· Evoke memories of the day

· Noticing the small and often overlooked details

· Capturing natural and candid moments

Sometimes, while the bride and groom are cutting the cake, a beautiful moment between another couple such as stealing a kiss might be happening in the background. Likewise, while the best man gives his speech, the groom’s expression may be making the perfect portrait. This style ensures that those other small moments, get captured and documented as well. My creativity and skill and 20 years of experience are called on to tell the story of you day. Rare and beautiful moments frozen in time for you to cherish.

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