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Wedding Photos you are definitely going to need

Updated: Sep 25, 2020

Wedding photographs are such a crucial part of our day. The day goes in a flash and once all the fun is over the one thing that will bring the whole day back are the wedding photographs that you will cherish.

Once you have booked your photographer you may think that there is nothing else to be done. But if you really want to get the most out of the wedding photography then it's a great idea to provide your photographer with a check list of the pictures you really want to see in your album or hanging on your wall.

So here are some of my favourite moments that I think really help to tell the story and evoke memories of your wedding day.

The Bride opening her wedding gift.

If you are planning to surprise you Bride it's a great opportunity to capture this. After all you will not be seeing each other the morning of the wedding.

The opening of the champagne.

I love this shot, it's such a fun moment to capture!

The Bride getting ready and putting on her veil

No wedding is complete without this iconic image.

A close up shot of the Bride's shoes

You may have a stunning pair of louboutin shoes or a snazzy pair of Geigers and this may be the only time you wear them. So snap em and keep em!

The Usher's lunch

This is a great moment to share with your bride to show her how those nervous moments went.

Close up of the bouquet

These flowers will now never die!

The Bride getting ready to leave for the ceremony

Looking perfect and elegant on her way to the ceremony.

A portrait with the father of the Bride

A very proud and hugely emotional moment to photograph.

The Groom and Ushers arriving at the ceremony venue

The bride and father of the Bride arriving at the wedding ceremony

The Groom seeing his Bride for the first time

The Bride walking up the aisle towards her Groom

This shot can sometimes be difficult to get due to photography restrictions in church. So it's always best to check with your vicar/priest with any house rules they may have when it comes to photography.

No wedding is complete without it. The exchange of the rings


Walking down the aisle as Bride and Groom

A very happy and beautiful moment to capture.

The confetti shot

The Bride and Groom portraits

I tend to spend about 20 mins or so with the bride and groom getting some portraits. This can also be a moment when you step away from the whirlwind of everything and be together as husband and wife.

Group shot of entire wedding party and guests

It's a great idea to get a list to your photographer of who you would like in the group shots and to give a copy of the list to the Best Man and Ushers so they can help gather the relevant guests and siblings together.

Candid photos

These are my personal favourite and it's what JK Weddings are all about. Capturing those moments which natural and full of spontaneity.

Some shots of the table settings from the wedding breakfast

I think these photographs are really important. You have spent a lot of money on the table setting, flowers, favours, place settings,the list can be endless. Even the politics of who is going to sit next to who on what table has been thought about long and hard. So capturing some images of this is a must.

Cake shot

Before it gets eaten


Again these shots are really important and sometimes overlooked.

Cutting of the cake

This can be a really fun image!

The romantic first dance

So there you have it. Some of my favourite moments and must have images. I would love to hear from you about your essential wedding photo list.

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