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Covid-19 The New Normal and Wedding Photography

Updated: Oct 23, 2020

Wedding photography during the Covid-19 pandemic and the new normal is going to be a little different to what we have been used to. So here is a little more clarity on how things will work.

Most wedding couples have postponed their weddings until 2021 but for the ones who are forging forward I salute you and I am here to help. I have had numerous discussions with wedding venues and other photographers and the one thing that seems to be coming out of those chats are the rules and guidelines seems to be changing all the time. Each venue/church appear to have their own set of regulations and it is really important for you and me as to have a discussion on how things will work on the day. I am happy to attend the wedding rehearsal if that is allowed so I can see first hand on how things are going to proceed.

I will be wearing a face mask at all times and will observe social distancing rules and will even carry a handy dispenser of hand sanitiser in my camera bag.

So the number one question I currently get asked is, will we be able to get some fun shots of people enjoying themselves?

The short is yes and I have a few tricks up my sleeve so let’s dive in!

Here is a link to my covid wedding Package for small intimate weddings:

Bride and groom preparations: I love capturing this as it really starts the story of your day and I think it’s a really special moment to photograph even if it is only a few shots. I will clear this with your venue to get permission and I do not have to be close to anyone to achieve this. It can be done through and open door or window as long as I have a clear shot so I can capture what is naturally happening.

The ceremony: During the ceremony only one photographer is allowed to shoot so if you have booked me with a 2nd shooter they will have to sit this one out and get some outside images or shots of the car, flowers etc. during the proceedings. Again, each venue/religion is going to have a slightly different set of rules. I will not be allowed near the bride or groom during the ceremony so possibly I will have to be at the back of the ceremony or far enough away at the front. At the moment there is no signing the register, singing or readings as to keep the ceremony as short as possible. Shots of the congregation will be limited as everyone will be wearing masks but that does not mean a shot or 2 would not work. After all, reportage is all about photographing those natural and spontaneous moments of your day.

Group shots: These can stay the same as long as social bubbles are adhered to then I can arrange you as I normally would but this would be totally down to you and please let me know what works best.

Portraits of bride and groom: This will be the very one thing that will not change. I will spend time with you in and around the venue photographing some beautiful portraits of you both. As always if there is something special or a location where you would like to be photographed then please let me know.

Wedding breakfast, speeches and dancing: All of this will be done in your group of 30 people and will be photographed socially distanced and should be a good time for natural shots, fun and laughs!

Please let me know if you have any questions or if I can be of any assistance to you. I look forward to hearing from you. Stay safe!

For further information here is a link to the government guidelines:

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